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All in One Yucca Tearless Shampoo

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All in One Shampoo uses the unique benefits of the Mojave Yucca and natural conditioners to make this the only shampoo you need to fulfill most of requirements for grooming and resolving many common pet problems. Also, the extract of the Mojave Yucca instantly addresses the problems caused by flea, tick and mites. Yucca enhances the body’s production of its own natural cortisone aiding in the relief of hot spots, itching, scratching, dermatitis, and seborrhea. The Mojave Yucca’s properties also help in the relief of bacterial and fungal related problems. All in One Shampoo is gentle, deep cleaning, moisturizing, and rapid drying with a mild, long lasting scent that reactivates when pet gets wet.

One gallon makes up to 8 gallons depending on use. Follow directions on the bottle.

Safe for puppies and kittens.

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