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Founded in 1997, Quadruped Pet Care has been dedicated to providing professional quality shampoos, conditioners, and pet care products for pet groomers and show exhibitors. Not only are our products of superior quality, but they are created with all natural ingredients to provide safe grooming products for your pets. Our commitment to providing natural pet care products can be recognized by our quality ingredients such as Mojave Yucca Extract, Panthenol, milk protein, aloe vera, silk protein, sustainable palm oil, lemongrass, hydrolyzed collagen and oatmeal.

We’ve tirelessly dedicated hours of research to ensure every one of our pet care products has wholesome, beneficial ingredients to provide a gentle deep cleaning, maintain skin care needs, and condition their coats. In fact, every one of our shampoo and conditioners are safe for cats and dogs and keep their coats lustrous, as well as healthy. A key ingredient in many of our shampoos, conditioners, and sprays is Mojave Yucca Extract, which contains medicated properties that aid in the treatment of many inflammatory pet skin-related problems. It also instantly addresses the problems caused by fleas, ticks, and mites in dogs and cats.

Quadruped Pet grooming products offer your pets the most all natural grooming experience.

We are proud to announce our new Sulfate-free shampoo, Yucca Super Luster Shampoo.

All of our products are Cocamide DEA-free pet grooming products.

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